Where Is Guinness Made?

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Have you ever wondered where Guinness is made? It is made around the world but mainly at teh St James Gate Brew and Storehouse in Dublin. A lot of people love the beverage known as Guinness and this beverage has been around for a very long time. This is a great idea because not only is there quite a bit of information regarding this fascinating drink, but also it is something that you can enjoy when you are at home by yourself. It will also help to keep your metabolism running as well which is important to any sort of diet and exercise plan. At one point Guinness was given to pregnant women to keep their Iron levels up.

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Many people love this beverage and they have been known to drink it in vast quantities usually around the 17th of March. The reason for this is it is St Patrick’s day when the whole of the Globe get very excited about the Patron Saint of Ireland and the best way to celebrate that is by having a pint of Guinness and also sending some ST Patricks Day Gifts from https://www.shamrockgift.com/st-patricks-day.

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Much like the Irish people themselves the drink of Guinness has been welcomed around the world and is seen as a great gift. Arthur Guinness probably never had any idea what kind of legacy he was setting up when he took the traditional drink of porter and refined it to the black coloured brew that sells so well today.

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