Wearing pastel colours this summer

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With summer in full force, fashion chains are alive with floral prints, bright tones and, of course, the ultimate spring/summer trend – pastel colours.

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The warmer months are the perfect time to showcase a wardrobe dedicated to delicate and natural colours. An article in the Hindustan Times states that pastels are subtle yet elegant.

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Pastels are happy colours that define your mood and personality; however, even in the modern, gender-fluid present day, many men still feel unsure about wearing pastels. By their very nature, pastels are soft, delicate and feminine shades. If you are a man looking to embrace pastel clothing this summer but are not sure how to do it well, here are some tips.

Clash with care

As pastel shades are more neutral and less brash than bold statement shades, it is very easy to wear them together. You could easily team a pale pair of grey trousers with a lemon yellow shirt, for example, to create a smart and fresh-looking outfit for a summer wedding; however, when wearing multiple pastel shades, don’t overdo it too much or you run the risk of looking like you work in a children’s sweetshop!

Fitted shape

A fitted shape in pastel can be a touch too feminine for men who are still a little cautious of pastel tones. If you enjoy the look of pastels but want to give it a more masculine vibe, opt for looser fitting garments in pastel shades, such as a baggy sweatshirt or relaxed-fit polo shirt. These make for great shirts when you are looking for something stylish to wear out at a Nightclub Cheltenham way.

Plain Jane

If you are new to the pastel world, it is best to err on the side of caution. Too many patterned pastels or slogans can make for a fussy look, whereas a plain pastel outfit with a few well-chosen accessories for detail creates an altogether more sophisticated look.

Pick the right pastel for you

Pastels are a very forgiving shade and can be worn by most people; however, as with other colours, you will find that certain tones flatter your natural features more. Men with dark eyes and hair might suit a warm tone, such as pink or yellow, while cooler tones such as blue and grey are better on fair complexions.

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