There are so many colours which one are you?

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When you look at a rainbow what are you immediately drawn to? Do you feel more of an attraction to the lush green fields and woods or are you more for the azure blue of the sea? At sunset when the shadows lengthen and the rich oranges of the time of day light up the houses and trees do you feel invigorated or are you more for the bright light yellow of dawn and its rosy fingers? What, in essence, is your favourite colour? You might not think it true but the choice and the colours that you prefer say a lot about you as a person. There is even a theory that colour has a psychology that can be traced to your personality and used to enhance a feeling or mood. The use of colour is very important as any decent Gloucester Website Design can tell you. Gloucester website design through net9design are experts in the field and can create a colourful website for you to your specification if you so desire. What does the liking of a certain colour tell you about yourself?

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If you consider it, we start conveying colour types at a very early age. For example, Blue for a boy and Pink for a girl (although in Victorian times this was reversed!) So, whilst this is a basic example consider also something that makes you feel something deeply or even how something seems to just command a set of colours in what it’s trying to say. For example, the play Macbeth is very much a play with the colours of Black and Red as its theme, while the musical of South Pacific is all blues and yellows. These subconscious preferences and cues help our brain to decipher and understand the world better. What does your favourite colour choice describe about your character and how can you turn it to your advantage?

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Blue – This is the colour of the intellectually minded. If you are studying for an exam, then doing the revision in a blue room is thought to help the mind concentrate and focus.

Yellow – On the day of taking that exam it might be an idea to wake up in a yellow room and to wear this colour as it is thought to be that of optimism and strength in emotional matters. It also breeds confidence.

Purple – Not one for dangerous old ladies visiting a National Trust property this is to do with spiritual awareness. The Romans used it to display authority and status with the senator’s togas and the Praetorian guard.

Red – Vibrance energy and outgoing. This is the colour of action.

Green – The colour of the Earth and its environment. If you like this colour, then you are wanting to balance out your life.  Use it in a room that you want harmonious things to happen in.

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