What Type of Diamond Engagement Ring Should You Choose?

Choosing an engagement ring can be daunting. Read on for how to narrow down the multitude of options to suit your partner.

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The Perfect Ring

You will find that online jewellers offer access to a vast number of styles and can custom-make a special ring for you.

When picking a ring, consider your partner’s personality and lifestyle.

Classic and Timeless

A traditional solitaire setting forefronts a single central diamond. So that the diamond can sit low, consider a basket or trellis setting. For a showier look, add a line of diamond accents or think about peek-a-boo diamonds (those set in the ring’s undercarriage that can’t be seen from above). Engagement rings with three stones are a popular alternative.

Style and Glamour

If your partner wants a prominent, dazzling effect, go for a setting that places the diamond higher. Alternatively, choose one with pavé-set diamonds on the ring’s band. Popular halo settings see a circle of diamonds placed around the centre stone to make the centre diamond appear larger.

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Nature Lover

Is your partner happiest outdoors? Rings featuring organic elements like vines, flowers and leaves may be your best choice. If your significant other is active, think about a setting holding the diamond closer to the hand for practicality. A bezel setting, which is a fine metal strip that embraces the diamond all around the girdle, is also good for protecting a diamond.

For diamond engagement rings online, look at companies such as www.comparethediamond.com/diamond-engagement-rings.

The Telegraph has some advice for men here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/relationships/how-to-choose-an-engagement-ring-picking-a-ring-style/.


If your partner likes romance and vintage styles, consider ring settings featuring filigree, milgrain details, intricate galleries, scrollwork patterns or dainty bands. Alternatively, a totally unique antique engagement band might be just right.

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Modern style

For a fashion-forward style, choose a modern ring. Consider sculptural rings which feature non-traditional shapes and think about a bezel setting for an up-to-date look. Those forgoing the centre diamond could choose a broad-band ring with attractive details. Sparkling coloured gemstone accents can feature.

Not Sure?

If you can’t make up your mind, you might want to propose with a temporary engagement band. This allows the woman to choose her favourite style. Since over 60% of ring decisions are made by women, you will be in good company.

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