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Surprising health benefits of sex

If you needed any more reason to enjoy healthy sex, then you’ll be thrilled to learn that scientific studies have found surprising health benefits to love, physical touching and sexual relationships.

Good for the ticker

Any form of moderate exercise that’s gets your heart going is a good thing, and that includes sex. When you become aroused, your heart rate increases and beats per minute peaks at the moment of orgasm. Although, regular non-sexual exercise is still advisable as the heart rate at orgasm is still only considered as ‘light’ exercise! We need around 2.5 hours of moderate activity each week, so unless you’re clocking up that much time in the bedroom, don’t put away your running shoes just yet!

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Ease stress with a hug

A simple embrace from someone special is enough to lower your blood pressure. Studies comparing couples who hold hands then hug, to couples who didn’t, showed a lower heart rate and lower blood pressure.

Stress-busting sex

One study has shown that sex can help reduce stress. During a study, participants kept a diary of their sexual activity, whether penetrative or non-penetrative. When they were then subjected to a stressful situation, those who had no recorded sex had much higher stress levels. Those who had engaged in penetrative sex had the lowest rise in blood pressure, showing that could cope better with stress.

No matter your age or relationship status, it’s always a good idea to practice safe sex. The use of condoms will help to protect you both against the risk of sexually transmitted infections. If in doubt, be sensible and get checked out with London Home STI kits. For peace of mind, contact Bexley Home STI kits.

Fight off illness

Would you believe that scientists have even found a link between how much you have sex and the strength of your immune system? People having sex once or twice a week had higher levels of illness-fighting chemicals in their bodies known as immunoglobin. The amount was around 30% higher than those who had no sex, but the lowest levels were found in those who had sex more than twice a week – so everything in moderation!

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Feel better

There is a link between feeling healthier and having more sex. Particularly in surveys of people aged over 57, those who had regular sex rated their health as better than those who were not sexually active. This didn’t just relate to sex though, as those in loving relationships or marriage were also more likely to report feeling better. It seems that having that social connection boosts our general sense of well-being.

Studies have shown that there is a reduced risk of stomach ulcers and angina in men who are happily married. This even holds firm for those who are in a higher risk category, such as having high blood pressure or being older.

No matter your age or relationship status, it’s always a good idea to practice safe sex. The use of condoms will help to protect you both against the risk of sexually transmitted infections.


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